08/23/2016 – Falkor, Enos and Mega Raffle Win!

Spent the weekend at an autograph signing event and came out like a bandit in the raffle! Plus, TTMs from Sonny Shroyer and Alan Oppenheimer! Play the video for a sneak peak at a potential new custom card I am making!

Autographs from this video:

  • Alan Oppenheimer – 29 Days
  • Sonny Shroyer – 48 Days
  • Corey Feldman – Raffle Win
  • Shawna Waldron – Raffle Win
  • Martin Landau – Raffle Win
  • Mickey Roarke – Raffle Win
  • Ian Petrella – Raffle Win
  • Vernon Wells – Raffle Win
  • Bo Hopkins – Raffle Win
  • Ted McGinley – Raffle Win
  • Angela Cartwright – Raffle Win
  • Robert McNaughton – Raffle Win
  • C Thomas Howell! – Raffle Win

08/17/2016 – Eric Chavez, CJ Anderson, Quark, Busey and More!

Wow! Golden Globe winner in one of my last videos, golden GLOVE winner this week! What a mail day! CJ Anderson of the Denver Broncos, Multi-Golden Glove Winner Eric Chavez, Gary Busey, Armin Shimerman, Jonathan Kaplan, Burt Young… and Paul Fusco of Alf! Whew!

Autographs from this video:

  • Eric Chavez – 167 Days
  • CJ Anderson – 289 Days
  • Jonathan C. Kaplan – 18 Days
  • Armin Shimerman – 23 Days
  • Gary Busey – 223 Days
  • Paul Fusco – 20 Days
  • Burt Young – Unknown

08/10/2016 – Matt Willig, Lou Adler, Susan Backlinie and More!

Huge card ebay purchase, did I get my money’s worth?


TTM Tip! Finding Large Images For Prints

We covered ordering prints in a previous video – but how do you find the best images without them coming out pixelated? Check out this video to find out how to use Google Images to get the best quality images for your prints!


08/02/2016 – TTM Tip! Avoid Gold/Silver Pen Storage Disasters!

In today’s TTM Tip, I show you first hand what happens over the years to photos signed with a “gold pen” if not stored properly! This is less of an issue for newer signatures in gold and silver sharpie, but it could still happen! I also give my advice for long-term 8×10 storage in this episode of Troy’s Tuesday TTM Tips!


08/01/2016 – 31 Autograph Mega Mail Monday!

Holy Cow! A mega Monday Mail Day on my birthday! A great care package from Andy Summers, mixed in with probably my biggest mail day of the year makes for a HUGE mail day video! I hope everybody enjoys this video and wow… hope your day was extra special too!

Autographs from this video:


  • Clive Revill – 7 Days
  • Tyne Daley – 27 Day
  • Ron Masak – 6 Day
  • Steve Rosenberg – 24 Days
  • Scott Chiamparino – 24 Days
  • Fredi Gonzalez – 44 Days
  • Kenbrell Thompkins -266 Days
  • Chase DeJong – unknown
  • Rob Murphy -24 Days

Just Because (Thanks Andy!):


07/30/2016 – 2014 Panini HOF Gems Opening

Join me for my first opening livestream at 2PM PDT. Plus 2 TTMS!


07/25/2016 – Adam Dunn Real or Fake? Plus I’ve Been Chopped!

There are reports Adam Dunn returns are ghost signed – not sure what to think of this one so I am marking it as “unknown.” Plus, I open a mystery box of relics and autographs! Thanks for watching and please subscribe!

Autographs from this video:

  • Ted Allen- 18 Days
  • Adam Dunn – 14 Days (authenticity unknown)
  • David Hale – Unknown days
  • Mike Harkey – 156 Days

07/20/2016 – An “Incredible” 5 Package Mail Day!

I actually did look up how to pronounce Gyorko before the video, but it was early in the morning and still murdered it. Sorry Jedd and Cardinals fans!

Autographs from this video:

  • John Davidson – 14 Days
  • Harold Martinez – 18 Days
  • Jedd Gyorko – 31 Days
  • Frank DiPino – 19 Days
  • Jim Acker – 31 Days

07/19/2016 – Tuesday TTM Tip! Printing 8×10 Photos!

In today’s TTM Autograph tip I talk about where and how to print up 8×10 photos cheaply and with great quality!